What is a CD?

A Certificate of Deposit (CD) is a timed deposit that earns higher rates of return than standard savings accounts.  Money deposited into a CD must remain in the CD for a specific period of time.

At Telhio, we offer CD terms from three months to five years, and the interest rates are commensurate with the length of the term. In a CD, your deposit is secure and insured, and interest is compounded and paid quarterly.

To open a CD, you simply make a minimum deposit and select a term. During the term, your deposit will earn interest, and at the end of the term, or maturity date, you can withdraw your deposit or roll it over for another term through an automatic rollover.

During the term, you may withdraw a portion or all of the principal value of the CD before the maturity date; however you should know that you will incur a penalty for early withdrawals.

Have more questions about CDs?  Contact us at 614-221-3233 or view our current CD rates.