For the adjustable rate example, the APR, interest rate and monthly payments may increase or decrease after consummation of the loan due to market-driven changes to the index. 3/1 Adjustable Rate Mortgage, 2.25% Interest Rate, 3.686% APR, example includes 1 discount point: A $150,000 mortgage loan, with a LTV below 80% will be paid in 360 monthly installments. Customary closing costs are included in the example and includes 1% discount point, and third party fees, excludes title insurance. There will be a payment of $573.37 during the first 36 months and the payment would adjust to $704.95 for the remaining 324 months. After initial period, rates and payments are based on today's index plus a margin.  Actual payment after initial period will be calculated based upon the market rate as outlined in your loan note. Rates are subject to increase after 3 years. Closing fees are estimated and may be subject to change. Stated payment includes principal and interest only your actual monthly payment will be higher if mortgage insurance is needed or if an escrow account is established or required. Additional terms and conditions apply. Your APR will vary based on your final loan amount and finance charges. Closing fees are estimated subject to change. Your APR will vary based on your final loan amount and finance charges. APR with lower down payments and refinances may vary. Offer subject to credit and underwriting guidelines.

For refinances: Borrower is responsible for paying all costs related to the existing loan (for example, payoff demand, reconveyance fee and/or any prepayment penalty imposed by existing lender). The borrower is responsible for payment of per diem interest, payment of property taxes, and insurance premiums (if due). Loans with LTVs greater than 80% may require mortgage insurance that will increase monthly payment.