Quick Financial Resolutions For 2017

For many people, a New Year is a fresh start, bringing with it a renewed focus and optimism for change. It's the perfect time to decide what you want to accomplish and to follow through with a plan. With a new 365 days ahead, here are 7 quick (and easy) resolutions you should consider to help you reach your financial goals:

  1. Open a Separate Savings Account to force yourself to build an emergency savings fund. Make it separate from your main financial institution, with no ATM card, so you will be forced to go into a branch to withdraw money. Telhio offers a variety of savings and club accounts to meet your needs.

  2. Get a Library Card. Check out some books on personal finance, either the paper version or the electronic version for your tablet (offered by many libraries).

  3. Get A (Second) Job. There are a lot of help wanted signs out and about. If you are looking for additional income to work on your debt, a few hours on the weekend could help.

  4. Pull Your Credit Score And Report. A good way to start the year is to find out exactly where you stand financially. Download your credit report (one free each year from each of the three main reporting bureaus) at www.annualcreditreport.com.

  5. Plan Ahead. Get in the habit each night of preparing for the next day: packing lunches, prepping breakfast and dinner. That way you will not be tempted to buy convenience food, because you are rushed.

  6. Unsubscribe. Remove the temptation of impulse buying online by unsubscribing from all retail email. This can take some time, but, ultimately, you will save time and money buys not being bombarded with emails tempting you to buy.

  7. Opt Out. You can stop getting all of those unsolicited credit card offers by calling (888) 567-8688 or go to www.optoutprescreen.com

Telhio Tip: Don't overthink it. Focus on making one or two small changes at the start of the year to help you improve your financial picture gradually.

is a non-profit company that partners with Telhio to help you achieve your financial goals. With GreenPath, both members and non-members can receive free access to money management and financial education services. Speak with a representative today at 877-337-3399!

Source: Pathways Newsletter, GreenPath Financial Wellness

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