A Simple Plan to Jumpstart Your Savings

A 52 Week Plan that Will Leave You Feeling Stress-Free

Saving money isn't easy, but neither is recovering from the costs of a sudden car repair, a flooded basement or hospital visits. You never know what emergencies, weddings or new expenses will come up. To help prepare you for the unforeseeable future, here is a 52-week savings plan that will provide you with a healthy nest-egg for the unexpected.

The Plan is Simple!
Each week of your pay, increase the amount of money you save by just $1.00. By the end of the 52 weeks, you will have $1,378. If you are paid bi-weekly start week one with $3.00, and each pay period, increase the amount you save by $4.00 (i.e., Week 2, save $7.00; Week 3, save $11).

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If you are finding it really difficult to save, rip the band-aid off early and try doing the plan backwards. Start with $52.00 and work your way back down to a dollar.

Bottom Line: By the end of the 52 weeks, you will be saving like a pro and hopefully feeling financially stress-free.

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