Business Owners - Telhio Is Here To Help!

Did you know that in addition to outstanding personal banking services, Telhio has a full array of business services to meet the needs of local business owners? At Telhio we know that having a banking partner that you can trust is a critical component to your success. And, with Telhio, you're not just another business owner - you own where you bank, too.

Over the past few years, many businesses have faced unprecedented challenges. However, Telhio is not turning our back on business owners who may have faced an unexpected slow-down in revenue growth or other unforeseen issues. Instead, we're working with business owners to help them move in the right direction. Our business products and services to help your business grow and thrive include:

- SBA loans and programs
- Lines of credit
- Credit cards
- Leasing
- Loans for equipment, property and other business
- Merchant services

"So many business owners are tired of hearing 'no' to their requests for products and services that will help their business expand so that they can create jobs and improve the local community," said Hilliary Jones, Business Services Relationship Manager. "The difference between Telhio and other lenders is that here, we don't just plug your financial information into a computer program to make the decision for us. At Telhio, we have a conversation with the business owner, we get to know your business and make the lending decision based on those conversations. If we can't say yes immediately, we help you come up with a plan to enable us to say yes. That's a major difference."

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