Online Banking Alerts

In Telhio's Online Banking, you can set up Account Alerts and Reminders.  These Alerts can alert you to many different events on your account - Share account alerts, Loan account alerts, Transactional alerts, Check clearing alerts, Certificate Maturing alerts, Event Alerts and Reminders.   

Event Alerts are used for these types of events:  when your password has been changed, a scheduled transfer has failed or your email address changes.  Your alerts can notify you by Secure Message inside Online Banking, by email or my text to your cell phone.  You can select which type(s) of notification you would like to use.

If you would like to set up Account Alerts and Reminders, follow these simple steps:
Click on the Accounts tab.  Select Account Alerts.  Then select "click here to add new alerts or reminders".  Then select the Account you want to set the alert for and the criteria for the alert.  You can also set times during which you do not want to receive alerts so you do not receive them during the night.  Then click on Submit.  When complete, you will see the following message on your screen - "You have successfully added the alert."

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