Telhio 90-Day Challenge Donates 30,600 to Local Charities

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This month, Telhio Credit Union completed the second phase of its 90-Day Challenge, donating $30,600 to three Central Ohio charities.
The 90-Day Challenge invites individuals to open an account with Telhio Credit Union and receive $100. When new members remain in the credit union for at least 90 days, Telhio matches that amount, donating $100 to one of three local charities from which the new member can choose. The campaign started in February 2015 and will continue through at least December 2016, if not longer.

Since February 2015, the credit union has donated to the Columbus Ronald McDonald House ($21,700), the Mid-Ohio Food Bank ($16,300) and the Franklin County Children Services Holiday Wish ($9,500).

"Our credit union keeps your money local, providing home-owning and business-opening opportunities right here in Central Ohio," said Jessica Bing, Chief Communications Officer, Telhio Credit Union. "The 90-Day Challenge adheres to this emphasis on local unity. It's an event that brings together our core value of giving back to our community and we look forward to continuing it."

Since its commencement, the 90-Day Challenge has contributed over 1,210 hours of community work, 65,200 meals, 55,780 pounds of food, 1,085 night stays for families with a hospitalized child and 475 toys for children in need to the Central Ohio community.

"Improving our community comes down to daily choices, like where to keep your finances secured," said Bing. "We invite you to take the challenge."

The 90-Day Challenge continues through the end of 2016. More information about the program is available at