Accessing Your HSA Account

The Telhio Health Savings Account offers you a convenient and easy way to access your funds.

  • Pay with your Telhio HSA debit card

  • Withdraw funds over-the-counter at the teller window

  • Option to order paper checks

  • Pay out-of-pocket and reimburse yourself for qualified medical expenses from you HSA account

  • have 24/7 ATM access to funds in your HSA account

  • You may use your HSA funds for all kinds of qualified medical expenses however, funds used to make non-qualified purchases (applies to member under age 65) are taxable and subject to a 20% IRS penalty unless an exception such as death or disability applies.  It is important to retain receipts of all qualified medical expenses. Additionally, it is always best to call your insurance company, consult IRS Publication 502 & 969 or consult a tax professional for advice prior to opening a health savings account.