Ways to Pay Your Telhio Loan

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Set up automatic payments

Never miss a payment by setting up automatic payments from your checking account at Telhio or another financial institution. Contact us for more details. Please allow 3 days before your due date to begin automatic payments.

Visit a branch location

Cash or check payments can be made in the drive thru or night deposit of our branch locations.

Pay by phone

  • Using your routing and account number
  • Using your debit card. There is a $15 fee for using your debit card to make payments.

Mail your payment

Check payments can be mailed to Telhio Credit Union, PO Box 1449, Columbus, OH 43216-1449. Be sure to write your account number on the reference line or include a loan coupon from your booklet. Do not mail cash payments.

Paying off your Telhio loan?

Contact us to get your up-to-date payoff balance.