AD&D Insurance Benefit for Members

Our hope is to have you as a member through many stages throughout your life, and even the lives of your extended family.

Telhio is happy to offer a special benefit package at no cost to you. These benefits are jointly sponsored by American Income Life Insurance Company, a company servicing working families for more than 60 years.

These benefits include:

  • Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefit at $3,000 per member*.

  • Health Services Discount Card

  • Child Safe Kit

If you have questions, please contact American Income Life directly at 800-495-1213. You can also review the S
ummary of Benefits and Benefit Notice for Members for additional information.

*In order to designate a beneficiary, you may complete and return the mailed beneficiary card, or sign up online. If you do not designate a beneficiary, the $3,000 would be paid to your estate and could be taxable. An AIL representative will attempt to contact you to deliver your no-cost benefits, witness your beneficiary designation and review other supplemental benefits in person.