Business Tip: Social Media - What Is It Good For?

You're a steady local business that has a strong foundation and a solid business plan. You advertise, are in the Yellow Pages, on Angie's list, and you may have even started a website.  You have all the "customer contact" bases covered, right? Maybe…

…but maybe not.  Social media (SM) is now a huge medium for capturing audiences, with an even bigger return on investment (ROI, for short).  Though it takes some time to develop creative content that generates leads, the time spent will be worth the reward.  Here are just a few of the many reasons to consider using social media for your business.

  • Cost: The most widely used social media accounts are free.  The cost of advertising on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter can start as low as $5.00.  
  • Target Marketing:  You may be a community or local business, so you probably don't want to pay to advertise to the Continental U.S. (just yet).  Good news is, you don't have to; Facebook allows you to target your audience to certain communities or areas, even estimating how many people you will reach with your first social media $5.00 bill!  Cartoon Image
  • Website Traffic:  Especially if you're an online retailer, social media is a fantastic medium for generating traffic to your website.  SM platforms provide analytics to show you how many clicks are made on links from your pages. For example, if you own an antique store, simply showing a picture of a broken stool with a link to your website is an easy way to promote awareness of your furniture repair services too.  "Wait, I thought this was an antique store...oh, they fix antiques too!" (See what we did there?).
  • Social Sharing: You're no longer limited to the commercial that targets local customers (that they've likely skipped right past on DVR anyway). Social media sharing allows your product to be shared with everyone.  SM users will share your brand with friends, family, and even in special enthusiasts groups that may have an interest in the specific product or service that you're selling!

According to a new eMarketer report, by 2017, the global social network audience will total 2.55 billion people - that's a LOT of people.  Don't miss out on a substantial customer base and an affordable tool with a great ROI. So, what is social media good for?  When it comes to your business, its an opportunity to reach new customers and bring awareness to your community, or if you choose, the world!

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