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DIY Halloween Hacks For Your Family

Halloween is right around the corner and between the costumes, candy, and parties, it can end up being an expensive holiday! Here are five DIY Halloween hacks that will leave you, and your wallet, with a treat (not a trick).

1. Halloween Ice Cubes. Take a cute Halloween trinket or creepy rubber creature and freeze them with water in an ice tray. Serve with your favorite drink for an added spooky treat!

2. Mummy Juice Boxes.
Mummify your kids' juice boxes by wrapping them in white tape and gluing googly eyes on them. These are great for Halloween parties or a fun lunchbox surprise.

3. Witch Hat Cookies.
These easy treats only require three ingredients! Using orange frosting, secure a Hersey Kiss to a fudge stripe cookie (chocolate side up). Cute and delicious!

4. Blood Stained Towel for the Bathroom.
If you're willing to ruin a nice, white towel, this is a fun craft for you and your kids. Cover your hands in red paint and leave "bloody" hand prints on the towel. It'll be a spook-tacular surprise for those using your bathroom!

5. DIY Bug Tights.
Are you looking for an easy DIY costume? Glue some realistic-looking plastic bugs to a pair of nylon tights or stockings and you're done! You're bound to get a handful of spooked reactions with these creepy crawlies. Easiest, creepiest costume ever.

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