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Four New Year Resolutions For Couples

While it's important to make New Year Resolutions for yourself, it's even better to come up with some goals for you and your partner. Here are four resolutions to improve your relationship in the New Year:

1. Sweat together.
Be each other's workout buddy and keep each other on track to staying healthy! This is also a great way to spend time together.

2. Make date nights a priority
. After years of being together it's important to prioritize date nights and actually stick to them. We know it can be hard to find time in the calendar between work and the kids' schedules, but it's important to carve out time for you and your partner. This time together keeps the relationship on track, fun and spontaneous!

3. Break a bad habit together.
Bad habits are hard to break, unless you and your partner can do it together! Choose a bad habit that you share with your partner and vow to work to break the habit instead of encouraging it in your relationship. For example, if the two of you watch too much TV together, pick a specific time frame to watch your favorite shows. You can fill the remaining time with reading a book or playing a game together!

Make a commitment to putting away your cell phone during date night, dinner, or one-on-one time with your partner. While we live in a constant world of technology, it's important to place emphasis on the one-on-one interaction with our loved ones.

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