Positive Pay

Check fraud protection

Positive Pay helps minimize risk and allow you to effectively manage your corporate checking accounts. Positive pay is a secure, automated check matching service available with your Business Online Banking.

Positive Pay compares all the checks that are presented to the account number, check numbers and dollar amounts of the list of checks you upload.

All three components must match or the item becomes an "exception." You may review all "exceptions" and choose to pay or reject those items through your Business Online Banking. Any rejected checks will be returned unpaid, mitigating fraud loss.

Positive Pay Quick Facts:

  • Verifies the checks that are presented with the checks that have been issued.
  • Any business checking account is eligible for Positive Pay. Accounts that consistently have larger balances and a high volume of transaction activity will probably benefit the most from this service.
  • No need for special software or custom interface. Positive Pay can accept any format that your business software currently provides, as long as it includes the check number, issue date, amount and the format remains consistent. (Microsoft Excel is preferred, if available)
  • Mismatched checks are identified sooner and account activity reconciled with increased accuracy. The Positive Pay system includes a check reconciliation feature that shows a summary of issued, paid, and voided outstanding checks.

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