For Employers

Telhio Credit Union can WORK for YOU!

Your company can join Telhio's Select Employer Group (SEG) program to offer a free, no-hassle benefit for your employees that provides them with products and services to meet their financial needs.

When you become a SEG with Telhio, you and your employees receive one-on-one attention from the convenience of your location as often as you want or need it.

Your Telhio representative will come on site to help answer your employees' banking questions and open Telhio accounts, and will touch base with you regularly to ensure your employees' financial needs are being met. Your employees can take advantage of the full benefits of Telhio membership - so they will own where they bank - while also enjoying the added convenience of on-site consultations.

Additionally, we offer a special "Lunch & Learn" program for our Select Employer Groups, in which Telhio will provide free workshops and seminars on financial topics of your choice over lunch. Our expertise and engaging speakers can discuss mortgage and refinancing 101, living debt-free, planning for your retirement and much more!

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