Get Financially Fit

The Arnold Classic was in town last weekend, bringing thousands of physically fit pros and fans alike to the Greater Columbus Convention Center. Held every year in our city, this event is a competition among the world's best professional bodybuilders. While it may remind us all to take a look at our physical activity, let it also be a reminder to get financially fit! Here are a few ways to take control of your financial fitness this year

Stick to a budget. Take a look at where you spend your money and how much and set up a predetermined amount of money for each category. Then, try to stick to this budget during the month. If your "out to eat" budget runs out, cook pizza at home instead of calling for takeout. Our free Financial Fitness Workbook can help you assess your finances and set up a reasonable budget.

2. Know your credit score. Maintaining a good credit score is crucial to your financial future. Your credit score can affect your ability to get a loan, rent an apartment and sometimes secure a job. It is important to know your credit score and review your credit reports to check for errors, fraud or discover areas for improvement. GreenPath, a non-profit company that partners with Telhio to help our members and potential members achieve their financial goals, offers tools and tips for managing your credit score.

3. Get organized. Keeping your finances organized is an easy way to stay sane while on your journey to financial fitness. It will also ensure your bills are paid on time each month. Keep your electronic bills filed away on your computer, and set a calendar appointment each month to remind yourself to review and pay them. Or better yet, set up automatic payments so your bank account pays your bills for you. You can even schedule these to correspond with your pay schedule!

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