Important! Telhio Members Receiving Fraudulent Emails

We have received notification that our members are receiving a fraudulent "Telhio Credit Union Online Banking Alert" that indicates there are billing/personal information errors with their Telhio accounts.

Please note that this is NOT a legitimate Telhio communication. We will never send a message to you via email that indicates you need to click a link to regain account access. DO NOT click the link or respond to the fraudulent email - instead simply call our member services line 614-221-3233 and we'll be happy to confirm that your account is accessible and up to date.

If you have already clicked on the link in the email, simply call us at the number above and let us know so that we can help you take steps to secure your account.

Please note that your email address and account information have not been compromised in any way. Our system is safe and secure. This is simply a phishing scheme - a random attempt to use Telhio's strong reputation to gain access to your information.
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