A Message to our Members and Community

The crisis of racism in our society has become even more clear through the transparent lens of the pandemic and this past week's events. Whether overt or hidden, blatant or unintentional - racism is racism. It divides us all.

One of the greatest strengths of Telhio is our diversity - our diversity of leadership, employees and members.

We all need to be part of the solution - which means doing something. Because if you are silent or doing nothing, you are part of the problem.

Even if it is just starting with a conversation, that is a start. That is something. Conversation is the first step forward in creating change. Maybe you ask. Maybe you answer. But regardless, we must listen to one another and learn from each other.

We must not tolerate racism.

For some individuals this is not a new idea, as they have been fighting against racism for their entire lives. For some, the recent protests have been an awakening. Wherever you find yourself today, we hope that we can all use this moment to take a step forward.

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