Summer Home Improvements

With summer months come sunshine and warm days -perfect for outside and in-home improvement projects! Here are a few ideas for improving your home this summer...

1. Skylights: As there will be plenty of sunshine to provide warmth and brightness to your home, adding a skylight is the perfect in-home improvement project for summer. There are a variety of skylights to choose from and all are relatively easy to install.

2. Home siding: Because it is usually necessary to repaint your home every four to five years, installing siding will save you time and money, because you'll never have to paint again! Siding is also a beautiful way to increase the resale value of your house.

3. Patio or Deck: Installing a patio or deck is a great summer project. They can be used as a place to read, relax, or even have a barbecue. You can also choose a covered design to protect you from the elements and outdoor pests.

4. Swimming pool: A swimming pool is the ideal home improvement project for the summer, both for entertainment purposes and resale value. You have the option of installing an in-ground pool or one above ground. An in-ground pool adds more value, but it's also permanent. An above ground pool is easier to install and can be dismantled.

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Thanks to Yahoo! for some of these great ideas!
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