Tips For New Grads

With graduation right around the corner, it's important for young grads to prepare for the "real world." Share these tips with those new grads close to you to help them graduate with confidence!

1. Cut the Expense Fat: Tell grads to take an honest look at their expenses, and they are likely to find several areas where they can shave off a few dollars and still live to tell about it. A few unnecessary extras here and there can add up, leaving them unable to accept lower-paying job opportunities with greater long-term potential than a position that pays more now.

2. Monitor Your ePersonality: Tell new grads to Google their name and see what comes up, and to review their profiles on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites. Try to remove any inappropriate or workplace-unfriendly content. Tell them to be honest. If they know there is unflattering content posted about them online and they've tried to remove it without success, tell them to be upfront with recruiters or interviewers. Ensure that the interviewers know the information is not a true reflection of who they are and how they would perform as an employee.

3. Help Out Whenever Possible: Successful people are those who work hard, and go above and beyond whenever possible. No one ever got promoted or built a successful career by doing the bare minimum.

4. Become Financially Stable with Telhio: Telhio Credit Union offers an array of services for its members that would be helpful and beneficial to new grads!

- CREDIT CARDS: We have a full line of credit cards available for young adult and college students with free online account access and no annual fees that can help build or improve their credit rating.

- CAR LOANS: If your new grad is thinking of purchasing a new or used car, Telhio offers auto loans with flexible terms that will get them more for their money! Our auto loan rates are locked for 30 days after date of loan application and members can receive special pricing at any of our Preferred Partner Auto Dealers.

- PERSONAL LOANS: As a new grad, young adults may need to make purchases that seem financially out of reach for them. Telhio offers two types of personal loans to finance a variety of large purchases such as computers, appliances or furniture. For more information they can visit our website. For a limited time, Telhio is also offering a "Loan Ladder" promotion that provides rate discounts on multiple loans (see sidebar for details).

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