Welcome To Telhio!

Chaco is now Telhio Credit Union.  If you're ready to get started setting up your membership, keep reading.  If you were not a Chaco member yet, and you would like to join Telhio, join now!  If you were already a member of Chaco, skip this step.

1. Register for Online Banking.

Were you a Chaco Member?  If so, you'll need to register for the Telhio Online Banking Platform. Register for the New Telhio Online Banking below.

Register a Business or Trust Account

2. Download Telhio Mobile.

You'll need to new Mobile App to go along with Online Banking. Download the mobile app now! Use the credentials you created for the New Online Banking to login once you have downloaded the app!

For Apple Devices For Android Devices

3. Learn your new routing number.

You won't need to change any payments or direct deposits that you have set up now, but if you set up anything new in the future, you'll want to use your new routing and account numbers. To learn the format for your account numbers, log into Online Banking, and select "Show" next to your account number.

Telhio's Routing Number is 244077323.

4. This step is about making loan payments.

If you currently have a loan, that loan is now with Telhio Credit Union.  If you currently mail your payment, you should begin mailing payments to the new payment address. If you've recently mailed a payment, don't worry!  It will still be routed to Telhio for processing.  You can keep using your Chaco coupon book.

Mail Payments to P.O. Box 1449, Columbus, Ohio 43216-1449

5. Understand Your Membership

You probably receive lots of mail during the week.  Just in case you didn't see your new member packet, please be sure to review the "Accounts" section of the Systems Change Guide to review the fee structure, and Owner Rewards Program for your account.

Read the Guide

6. Where to find assistance.

Should you need additional help, we invite you to review the Telhio Systems Change Guide. The guide provides information about credit cards, checks, important phone numbers, and more. You can also contact us 24/7 at 513-785-3500 if you need us.

Read the Systems Change Guide NowCall Telhio at 614-221-3233