Career Advice For Twenty-Somethings

Millennial guy on computer
With thousands of millennials entering the workforce every year, competition is as fierce as ever. Even more mind-blowing is the fact that by 2020, millennials will make up 40% of the workforce.

So how do you set yourself up for success amidst a pool of other twenty-somethings entering the workspace? Here is some advice that will help guide you to a career you can be proud of.

You have to start somewhere.

You can't expect to leave high school or graduate college and start at the top making six figures. You have to be willing to start somewhere. Be prepared to work your way up, grow and improve your skills. Find mentors and build relationships with those in positions above you as they can help guide you through your career. Because you know what they say: Sometimes, it's all about who you know.

Jump right in.

When you start a new position it is important to establish yourself as an individual who is willing to jump right in, make an impact, and lead a project. The first few weeks on the job are vital because you want to listen and learn as much as possible and be a sponge to everything around you. Use what you've learned to take initiative on any projects. This shows your dedication and hard work and will most likely lead to future promotions.

Keep learning.
Just because you've graduated from college with a bachelor's or master's degree doesn't mean you have to stop learning. You have to be responsible for self-educating in order to continue to develop yourself professionally. Find free training programs online or research classes and conferences that will enhance your skills. Chances are, your employer may pay for your continued education if it brings value to both you and the company.


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