Five Smart (and Fun) Ways to Spend Your Tax Refund

Friends jumping on a beach

It's tax time! All of us love nothing more than to see that tax refund hit our bank accounts. But what should you do with all of that extra dough? Here are our top five suggestions:

Go travel!

It's finally time to take that vacation you've been dreaming of. Use your tax refund to book a trip to paradise or take a road trip with your friends.

Make home repairs.

     While this may not sound like much fun, tax time is a great time to take care of those pesky home improvement projects you've been putting off. Use your tax refund to replace old windows with ones that are more energy efficient, or install new floors that will give your home a more updated look for when you are ready to sell.

Get Fit

     Being healthy doesn't come cheap. Use your tax refund to finally join that gym, buy a new bike, or at-home workout equipment and videos that will help you stick to your New Years resolutions (We're a fan of any Beachbody home workout program, but there are plenty of options to choose from).

Pamper yourself.

Whether tax time has you stressed out or you're still recovering from the holidays, use your refund to treat your body to the spa day it needs.

Pay off debts.

While this is probably the last thing you want to do with your tax refund, it is a great option that will help leave you stress free. Pay down those credit cards you racked up during the holidays or pay off your car or student loans.

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