Members Matter: Get Your Money’s Worth by Banking at a Credit Union

You work hard for your money. But is your money and your financial institution working hard for you? As of 2019, there were 120.4 million credit union members in the United States. So why should you join the movement and switch from a traditional bank to a credit union?

1. Choose Your Checking. Credit unions operate in the best interest of their members, and one way they do that is by offering accounts that are tailored to their members' different individual lifestyles. Telhio Credit Union offers three checking account options with features like local discounts, cell phone protection, roadside assistance, a health savings card, and anywhere banking tools, to name a few. Plus, fees for banking errors like overdrafts are often times lower at a credit union versus a typical bank, so you get more for less when it comes to your checking account!

2. Credit Unions are Not-For-Profit. While big banks are owned by stock holders, credit unions are actually owned collectively by all of their members. That means that the credit union uses its earnings to benefit members with things like higher returns on deposit accounts and lower rates on loans. Telhio Credit Union offers great rates and flexible terms on all loans, whether you're looking for a new home, a new car, or even a recreational vehicle.

3. They're Here for You. Credit union members can expect to receive more personalized service. Some may even be able to approve loans for their members that big banks won't finance. Credit unions are also committed to the financial wellbeing of their members. That's why Telhio Credit Union offers free financial education services like Money iQ, Greenpath Financial Wellness, and the Money Mammals kids club to help members better understand their own finances.

In addition to being a better option for members, many credit unions are active members of their local communities, promoting both economic and social well-being. So if you're interested in putting your money to work growing your local economy and giving back to your community, join a local credit union today! For more information about Telhio Credit Union, visit