Money Tips To Help You Win At Adulting

Adulting is hard. Managing your money doesn't have to be.

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Adulting is hard. It comes with paying utility bills, working 40 plus hours a week, writing a rent or mortgage check, and making sure you have enough money to actually eat throughout the week. So how can you get from behind the eight ball when it comes to your finances? Here are three get money tips to help you win at adulting:

1. Find a Financial Advisor. They don't teach money management in college and if you didn't learn the basics of credit and investments growing up, you may be stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to your finances. Find a financial advisor to help walk you through investment opportunities, cash certificate options, and retirement savings. They can help set you up for financial success through your years of working and beyond.

2. Start Saving.
Most millennials are living paycheck to paycheck and are not saving money. But we all know that it's extremely important to have a savings stashed away in case of emergencies, or if you're planning on making a big purchase such as a house or car. In fact, statistics show that nearly 30% of Americans have a zero balance in their savings account.  Check out the various savings account options that can earn interest every day, giving you more money just by saving.

3. Cut Back on Expenses.
As an adult it's important to spend in moderation. You don't want to find yourself drowning in credit card debt or over-drafting your checking account every other week. Cutting back on expenses is a great way to practice good spending habits and is crucial to saving money. So what can you cut back on? Subscription services, cable, eating out, and shopping trips are just a few items you should consider to see if you really need them in your life.

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