Preparing For Summer Money Surprises

June signals the start of the summer wedding season and high school graduation parties. Many times, people don't plan ahead for such expenses. GreenPath has put together a few tips, when it comes to financing all those summer weddings and graduation parties. Here are some tips on giving a nice wedding or grad gift without breaking the bank!

Five tips for wedding gifts:

  1. If the couple has registered, don't wait until the last minute to buy the gift. Watch their registry online and wait for items to go on sale.

  2. If it is a family member, consider putting together a cook book of family recipes or gifting a family heirloom, like a piece of jewelry.

  3. Make a keepsake box that the couple can use to store mementos from their special day. Get it started with their engagement announcement.

  4. If the couple is going out of town, offer to watch their house or take care of their yard as a gift.

  5. A gift basket filled with a few homemade treats, a gift card to a special restaurant, a bottle of wine and a book of love poems, adds a nice personal touch.

Five tips for graduation gifts:

  1. If they are headed to college, how about a t-shirt from their new school…or even a sweatshirt, if they are going to experience winter weather!
  2. A tote bag filled with bathroom supplies for the dorm room.
  3. Pre-stamped and addressed envelopes and notepaper for the freshman to send notes home.
  4. A meaningful book with an inscription of family and friends well wishes for the graduate.
  5. A gift card to a restaurant, sub shop or pizza place in their new college town.

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