RSVP Regret: How To Avoid Going Into Wedding Guest Debt

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How many weddings are you invited to on a yearly basis? One, two, five? It's not uncommon for young adults to be invited to as many as six plus weddings per year.

In fact, the average wedding guest spends $888 per wedding and bridesmaids spend about $1,200 per wedding. So how do you go about being a part of nuptial bliss without breaking the bank? Here are some ideas on how to save money during wedding season:

Share the fare.

If you have friends or family headed to the same wedding, carpool or share a hotel or Airbnb! It gives everyone a chance to attend the wedding while keeping the price tag down.

Go thrifting for threads.
Your wedding outfit should not cost you an arm and a leg. Chances are your local thrift store or websites like Thread up and Postmark have great deals on dresses and suits that you can get for a steal. After the wedding, you can also donate these dresses to a charity like Cinderella's Closet for girls who need homecoming and prom dresses.

Give the Gift of DIY.

     Wedding gifts can be expensive. On top of paying for pre-wedding events, travel and your wedding outfit, the last thing you want is to go broke trying to buy a nice gift! If an item from the bride and grooms registry is not an option, get creative and go DIY. Visit Pinterest for some inspirational and unique ideas that may only cost you as much as $10 to make!

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