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Six Bucket List Adventures For Retirees (Or Anyone Else)

Are you recently retired and looking for your next great adventure? We've narrowed down our top six bucket list destinations that will attract the attention of the traveling baby boomer:

1. Hawaii: U.S. News & World Report says Hawaii is number one on the bucket list for 18% of retirees planning a domestic trip. With its white sand beaches, relaxing atmosphere and Polynesian cuisine, it's no wonder the 50th state is the most popular travel destination for baby boomers.

2. Alaskan Cruise: This is one cruise you won't need a passport for. Visiting Alaska via a cruise ship is a great way to relax and be active all at the same time. Enjoy the calming amenities of the boat or explore all of the wilderness and wildlife Alaska has to offer.

3. The Grand Canyon:
If you're more of the outdoorsy type, why not travel to the Grand Canyon? With 277 miles of epic landscape, visiting the Grand Canyon is both breathtaking and budget friendly. This is one trip that doesn't cost a fortune and can be even more cost effective if you decide to camp out.

4. Australia:
Australia is definitely on the international bucket list for 13% of retirees. This English speaking country is easy for retirees to navigate and it offers unique wildlife and a natural beauty that is hard to come by.

The U.K. and Ireland: The United Kingdom and Ireland are two very popular tourist destinations with endless adventure options and picturesque villages. Eleven percent of baby boomers want to visit these destinations, and we don't blame them! Dive into the British local scene with fish and chips and a trip to Buckingham Palace or enjoy rich, Irish culture in Dublin, Ireland.

6. The Caribbean: Invoke relaxation with zero responsibilities on a vacation to the Caribbean. This is the perfect place for retirees to soak up some sun, read a good book, enjoy a fruity drink in a coconut, and recharge from years of hard work!

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