Club Savings

Holiday Savings Account
There's a lot to do and even more to pay for when December rolls around, and Telhio has a great program to help you ease the stress of holiday spending. Our Holiday Savings Account allows you to save money throughout the year to pay for your holiday expenses.

Each month, you designate an amount to be automatically transferred from your checking or savings account or deducted from your payroll direct deposit. Your savings accumulates throughout the year, and in October, the money you've saved all year is transferred into your Telhio savings or checking account, ready for your holiday shopping spree. Once the holidays are over, there's no need to re-enroll; the account renews automatically each year.

"It's for Me" Account
Planning a vacation or have your eyes on a new set of golf clubs? We can help you save toward a goal with an It's for Me Account.  We can help you plan and set aside funds for a major purchase. By opening this type of account, you can prevent the burden of a large chunk of money being pulled from your main checking or savings account.

Ready to get started? Contact Telhio at 1-877-221-3233, or stop into a branch today!

Product Rate APY1 Action
It's For Me 0.03% 0.03% View graph Monitor rate
Holiday 0.03% 0.03% View graph Monitor rate
Rates effective Midnight on Friday, May 1, 2020