3 Ways To Spring Clean Your Business

Despite the snow on the ground, spring is just around the corner. While you take steps to clean out your homes, now is also the perfect opportunity to evaluate your small business and prep it for a new season. Below are three ways you can spring clean your office that will have you feeling refreshed and ready for spring.

  1. Update your website and social media pages: Take the time to evaluate your website and social media pages. Do you have old photos, discounts or specials still listed? Is your contact information still correct? In order for your website to stay appealing to clients, it has to stay up-to-date. Are you offering new services, products or promotions? Be sure they're clearly listed. Also, take the time to post new photos or press releases to your social media pages.  
  2. Organize your finances. You likely just completed your taxes, so a lot of your financial materials should be organized from meeting with your tax professional. Create a space in your office that will hold all of your paperwork so that they stay organized all year.  Setting a monthly reminder will also help you keep your bills paid on time and your mileage tracked regularly.
  3. Clean up your customer list: Having an e-newsletter is a great way to reach your customer base, so it's important that your customer contact list stays updated. Ensure that your list isn't outdated by reaching out to your customers this month and asking for their updated contact information.  

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