Back-To-school Shopping Tips

Don't Let School Shopping Break Your Budget

August is right around the corner, and that means the stores are starting to gear up for school supply shopping! Telhio offers members these tips to help stretch your school supply budget:

1. Several retailers offer "ad/coupon matching." So, rather than spending your time running from store to store to get good deals on crayons and backpacks, spend some time reviewing the circular ads that come in your ad bag/newspaper and mark the sale items that are lower-priced at the competitors' locations. Take these with you to the checkout line for instant savings in one quick stop!

2. Buy in bulk. Many times kids run out of glue sticks and crayons half way through the year, and you aren't able to take advantage of the low pre-school sale prices. Why not stock up now and then you won't have to pay full price later?

3. Make your kids part of the shopping. Give them a set budget, and have them go through the sale advertisements, comparing it to their school supply list. They can determine which location is the best place to shop, and it helps them understand the cost and value of the items you are purchasing.


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