Telhio Launches New "Own It." Campaign

Telhio Credit Union has launched a new outreach campaign to help Central Ohioans better understand what a credit union is and how it differs from traditional banks.

The centerpiece of the "Own it." campaign is a wallscape that is being erected today and tomorrow at the corner of Third and Long streets in downtown Columbus.  The theme of the wallscape is "own access to the CEO" and includes a 30-foot by 17-foot business card for Leslie Bumgarner, CEO of Telhio Credit Union, as well as several 12-foot by 12-foot post-it notes with various phone numbers for her.

"This is really about helping people understand that when you join a credit union, you become a member, and therefore an owner of your financial institution," said Carolyn Hucek, AVP Marketing, Telhio Credit Union. "We know our members take their role as owners very seriously,  and we want potential members to understand that when they join Telhio, they aren't just another account numberâ?¦they own it."

The campaign also includes television, print and radio advertising, social media as well as internal communication activities.

FUN FACTS: It would take 10,492 actual business cards to create the giant business card; and it would take 2,304 post-it notes to create the giant post-it notes on the wallscape.
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