Telhio Skip-A-Pay FAQ's

What is Skip-A-Pay?
Skip-A-Pay is a program that allows members to skip their payment on an eligible* loan(s) every calendar year.  The cost to skip a loan payment is $35 per eligible loan type.

How do I find out what loans are eligible?

It's easy to find out if your loans are eligible.  Log into Online Banking from a desktop or laptop, click on "Other Services", then "Skip a Loan Payment" to get started.

What if I am not eligible, but really need to skip a payment?

Certain loan types are not eligible for the program, like mortgage loans.  If your loan cannot be skipped, the Skip-A-Pay tool will notify you of the reason.

If you cannot skip a payment and need assistance, you may contact our Asset Protection department for additional options at 614-222-6940.

Loan Skip Example in Online Banking

*Loans not included in this service include: Mortgage Loans, Lines of Credit loans, loans in bankruptcy or partial charge off status, delinquent loan history, loans in Consumer Credit Counseling Service, loans that have not made more than 4 payments and loans that have a payment less than $100. Any other reasons for non-eligibility will be made available to you in an attempt to skip a payment.

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