Keep It Flirty: Date Night Ideas for Empty Nesters

Older couple on Roller Coaster

Remember the time when you used to have to schedule date nights? Now that the kids are out of the house, every night is a potential date night! You've spent so many years focused on raising your family that it's time to refocus on your relationship.

Here are some great date night ideas to help keep the spark alive:

1. Recreate your first date. Do you remember your first date? Where you went? What you ate? What you wore? While some memories might be sparse, recreating your first date is a fun way to take a walk down memory lane.

2. Sing Karaoke.
Let loose, spend the night out on the town, and sing some karaoke! It's probably been years since you've heard your partner sing; this is a great date idea if you want to let your hair down and be silly together.

3. Be kids again.
You've spent so many years doing activities for your kids that you probably forgot what it's like to be a kid yourself! Go to the zoo, water park, amusement park, or the local fair, and just enjoy the day together having fun.

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