Six Tips For Spending Wisely During The Holiday Season

For consumers looking to approach their holiday spending wisely this year, Telhio Credit Union suggests the following tips:

  1. Make a list: Generate a list with names of individuals you plan to buy for.
  2. Check it twice: Assign a spending limit for each person and stick to the amount you budget. 
  3. Start early: The more time you give yourself to shop, the more bargain-conscious you can afford to be. There are great deals to be had before the shopping season officially begins.
  4. Double check for accuracy: Everyone makes mistakes, even the person ringing up your sale. And with long lines at the register, it's even more likely. Check your receipt to make sure you were charged correctly.
  5. Save your receipts: After checking for accuracy, put your receipts somewhere you will be able to find them later. That way you can track your spending as you go, but also efficiently return items if need be. 
  6. Start a holiday savings club today for 2014: Telhio offers savings clubs that allow you to save a little each month and get a check back right in time for the holidays next year! 

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